An unprecedented undertaking from South African artist and film-maker, Ralph Ziman, comprised of multi-faceted installation, photography, oral history, and documentary.


The Casspir Project: Photo Exhibition features a body of work from Ziman’s “Ghosts” series, captured in Johannesburg, South Africa, and Ethiopia, and his “Casspir” series, captured in Kliptown, South Africa. Both photography and sculpture, “Bones” seeks to confront the egregious killing of endangered animals for trophy and sport in South Africa.  


This 20-minute documentary on The Casspir Project includes historical footage, as well as personal interviews with South Africans about their experiences during apartheid. The film shows viewers how Ziman worked with South African artisans on beading the Casspir, and reveals the emotional impact of transforming an object of fear into an object of beauty. For more information about screening events and opportunities, please contact Programming Director Cindy Schwarzstein.